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Monday, May 21, 2007

The source of urban myths...

Last Saturday, a neighbor was walking his dog in Glen Park at night
up near Silver Tree at the back end of the park when he was what he
was pretty sure was a mountain lion. The animal was light
yellow/brown and weight about the same as his dog, around 70 pounds.

Then just today another neighbor was walking his dog back past Silver
Tree, just a little ways past the boardwalk at 2 in the afternoon
when he saw a coyote in-between the two paths there.

He said the animal weighed around 40 pound, was grayish-brown with
pointed ears, a long snout and fox-like, with fur about an inch and a
half long.

Given these two sightings, I'm wondering if there is in fact
something living in the park? Park and Rec said mountain lions
generally feed on deer and so it wasn't likely that. But is a coyote

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