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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Destination Bakery

Up a block from Diamond/Chenery (the heart of Glen Park) is Destination Bakery. My son's mother (Maria) works there in the evenings. The owner is Joe, a very friendly guy. Mostly a bakery, but they do sell coffee and great baked items. Very unassuming but nice locale.

"Hidden away on Chenery Street, this bakery has some of the best scones and tarts. Like any other junkie, I've had to change my route, take the bus and impose a restraining order on myself so that I don't give in to the italian coffee cake. It's rich, buttery taste with just the right amount of sweetness still calls out to me. I may have to move away."

Do you know that incredible sensation? The one that begins when the smell of baking butter and croissant dough enters your body, speeds to your brain, considers orgasmic-like gestures, moves on to other pleasure centers, then makes your mouth water? That's what Destination is all about. They make their croissant dough, and everything else, from scratch, and use very seasonal ingredients/preparations. For instance - their pies reflect the fruits in season. And as a great lover of pies, I must tell you they have the greatest strawberry rhubarb pie I have ever tasted. They also make hot cross buns around easter, with fruit they candy themselves. *Everything* here is outstanding. The chocolate and fruit tartletts will make you smile. The chocolate crossiants, with their outstanding coffee will make you feel like curling up in their sunny window seats and snuggle with strangers. Their baguettes are the best in the city, in my opinion, and the pies...mmmmmmmm.....they might make you cry if you love them like I do. In my opinion, Destination is actually better than Tartine. AND their service is outstanding - incredibly friendly folks who know this is a neighborhood joint. Lots of locals and regulars who adore the place and would probably be upset if they knew I was sharing this secret. (But you deserve the joy this place wil really do...)

They some of their baked items in the Canyon Market as well.

598 Chenery Street
(between Castro St & Natick St)
San Francisco, CA 94131
(415) 469-0730

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