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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The three pets of the house

When we moved here, in short order I went to the SPCA and found Jeffrey, a one year old with lots of friendly energy. He is now upwards of 12 years old and has significantly less energy. He doesn't stay in the house when there are renters.

Joker, the cat, is about 3 years old. He was born here from a cat we found abandoned on a trip to Montana. His two brothers died of complications to their kidneys (apparently congenital) and Montana, their mother, decided not to stay with us once she weaned her kittens. Joker is named for the "painted" mouth that reminded me of Jack Nicholson in the Batman movie. He generally has free reign in the house, upstairs and down, but can easily be kept out of the downstairs. He has a "cat" door upstairs, with a feeder and waterer. He is very, very friendly with guests, from what I have heard.

The turtle has no name. Watch out, he bites. He was given to my son's mother about a year ago and has lived here ever since. Next to no care necesarily.

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