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Thursday, March 22, 2007

MUNI transportation Info

I really recommend you consider not using a car much in SF, but using the public transportation. You will save yourself money and headaches with parking, which is a real "bear" here in SF. There are at least four bus lines through our neighborhood, a BART station and a streetcar line. In other words, we are very well connected to the city.

San Francisco Municipal Railway (Muni).
Founded in 1912, the Muni is one of America’s oldest public transit agencies and today carries over 200 million riders per year. Muni provides transit service within the city and county of San Francisco 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Operating Historic streetcars, modern light rail vehicles, diesel buses, alternative fuel vehicles, electric trolley coaches and the world famous cable cars, Muni’s fleet is among the most diverse in the world.

Muni’s Street & Transit Map is a comprehensive guide to public transit in the city. The map may be purchased for $3.00 at various locations, including the Muni kiosks at the Powell & Market and Beach & Hyde cable car terminals and most everywhere in town that sells books and periodicals. A version of the map can be viewed at most Muni bus shelters and in Muni Metro stations.

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