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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Our Backyard @ 858 Chenery St.

Ok, so if you don't already know this about SF: it is a very crowded American city. I think it rates up there with many larger cities in terms of number of inhabitants per square mile. However, Glen Park is not nearly as crowded. It is like a little get away. There are nearly no apartment buildings or condos, mostly single family housing. This gives the neighborhood an interesting advantage: there is usually plenty of parking space. I almost always park in front of my house or at most, across the street. There is a 4 hour parking limit in this zone without a parking permit, so if you come with a car, you either have to move it or park it a few blocks away, which in SF terms, is still amazing.

Here is my son and my son's mother (we are not married but she lives in our house) eating breakfast the other day in our back patio. One thing you might like to know is that I have an absolutely HUGE backyard by SF standards. It climbs up a gently sloping hillside and I have it divided into sections. It is not a meticulously well kept garden paradise, but it is full of different blooming plants, two apple trees, a plum tree, a baby lime tree, a new peach tree and the newest addition: a persimmon. There is also a grape vine back there, a redwood, several Eucalyptus and bushes galore. I like the "wild" look and don't like to worry about every little detail. You might already know this, but there is a hot tub in the back part of my yard.

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