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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I actually don't "do" beaches in SF, but...

My son loves to go to the beach here. I once had a brazilian friend that found our beaches perverse. It can be perfectly warm and sunny in the city, but you had better put on a jacket, scarf and cap if you are going to the beach. It can easily be 10-15 degrees cooler at the beach than in the interior of the city. In the summer, it is almost always at least 20-30 degrees cooler in SF than the interior of California only 30-45 minutes away in a car. This temperature difference can cause a lot of fog along the coast and lots of wind during the summer.

Our neighborhood is considered a "transition zone" between the sunny Mission and the foggy Sunset District. Often in the summer I can see the "sun line" only a few blocks down from my house. Be sure to come with sweaters and jackets, especially for the little ones.
Mark Twain apparently said:

"The coldest winter I've spent is a summer in San Francisco".

Anyway, here is THE beach of SF:

"There are quiet beaches, and there are family beaches. Just off Seacliff Avenue, China Beach somehow manages to be both. Walk past the picnic tables and descend to the beach via a ramp, where the cove is enclosed by towering cliffs, parting to reveal brilliant blue water and the rocky Headlands rising above the Bay."

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